about me and my book!

about me and my book!
This big 2-in-1 book includes both the story and discovery activities. It is $25.00 + shipping. Please visit www.magpieinthesky.etsy.com to place your order. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Hello There!
You may recognize me from the cover of The World Needs Me. My name is Henry. I'm a dog.
My friend Elisabeth likes to draw pictures and swim and play outside. She's not so great at the computer. I've been watching her for a while now, and I think I have it figured out, so, here's the World Needs Me according to Henry.

I went to the swimming pool this week. I like to watch the sunshine on the water. If there were fish in the pool I would chase them. What do you like to do? When is the last time you did it?

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